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General characteristics

The GRFID is 4D656F91. The vector provides a couple of cargoes and industries, designed for towns.


Number Meaning
Disable (0, default) / Enable (1) default cargoes & industries*
Enable (0, default) / Disable (1) varying snowlines and snowed ground
Enable (0, default) / Disable (1) new landscape icons in main window
General behaviour change (Description)
0 (Default) - Replace VALUables with GOLD and make Gold mine available
1 - Do not provide Gold nor Gold mine (slot 04 is taken anyway, the mine is displayed in the new industry list, but will not appear on the map), valuables is unchanged (if defined).
2 - Do not provide Gold. Gold mine is available and produces as much valuables as gold.

(*) Keep in mind that while ECS Town vector would not disable default industries, other ECS vectors would disable industries of their types. For example, ECS Wood Vector would disable default forest, paper mill, sawmill, lumber mill, printing works, because it defines his own industries of these types. And this behaviour would not be disabled by the parameters.



Cargoes list

Default cargoes

  • Passengers (ID 00)
  • Mail (ID 02)
  • Goods (ID 05)
  • Valuables (ID 0A)
  • Water (ID 1B)

New cargoes

  • Tourists (ID 1F). Tourists has a weight of 125 Kg per tourist.

Note: ECS Houses provides houses to produce and accept tourists and valuables, accept water.

Cargoes payment

Payment for delivering 10 units (or 10 000 litres) of cargo a distance of 20 squares


Cargo chains

Version 1.1.2 Version 1.2.0
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