ECS Wood Vector

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General characteristics

The GRFID is 4D656F95. The vector provides a couple of cargoes and industries, designed to supply towns with goods from high-level industries. Raw material industries supply the first-level processing industries with material for producing wood products. Wood products can be used directly by the furniture factory or by second-level processing industries to produce paper. Paper is used to produce goods from the end-level industry printing works. Materials from other vectors are used as production boosting elements. Dyes and refined products are used as a must material. If cargoes from other vectors are not defined, requirements are ignored.


Number Meaning
General behaviour change (Description)



Cargoes list

Default cargoes

  • Wood (ID 07)
  • Paper (ID 0C)

New cargoes

  • Wood products (ID 13)

Cargoes payment

Payment for delivering 10 units (or 10 000 litres) of cargo a distance of 20 squares


Cargo chains

Ecs Woodvector 1 2 0.png

Note: Cargo chains schema is valid for both 1.1.2 and 1.2.0 versions.