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This Wiki is part of the Locomotion Depot Network, a group of sites dedicated to providing information for Chris Sawyer's Locomotion.


This Wiki is dedicated to storing resources for creating new objects in Chris Sawyer's Locomotion. It will cover all the details you will need when creating a new train, bridge, building or any other object for the game. Its' purpose is to help the community re-use this information, without each user having to discover it for themselves. If you find something that is not included here, please add it to help the community grow. Details include: Special values a variable can take, which graphics apply to each part of an object, and how to add new objects to the game.

Finding a resource in the wiki
To find a resource on the Wiki, you can simply use the search bar on the left. Search for a particular keyword and it will bring you back any results. If none are found, it will present you with an edit page so you can add your own page on that subject. You can use the All Pages section to view everything on the site as well. More options can be found in the Special Pages section.

Current locomotion reseaources