ECS Town Vector. Tourists centre. Palenque

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General data

Drawn by Oz, small fixes by George

Ecs touristindusrties palenque-grasscovered.png Ecs touristindusrties palenque.png

Based on Palenque, Mexico

Ecs touristindusrties Palenque Ruins.jpg

Tiles 23
Usage 66%
Growth Factor 75%

Supports serviced and unserviced views

Stockpile size

Level Tourists
Very low 360
Low 480
Normal 640
High 854
Very high 1139
Ultimate 1518

Location/Positioning Conditions

  • Build outside towns !Tz1, !Tz2, !Tz3, !Tz4 (Town zone 0 allowed)
  • Build > 1 tiles from water
  • Build in forest where 3 tiles radius are rain forest
  • Build on terraformed land (certain tiles must be sloped) see image
  • Build > FF FF FF FFh tiles from Tourists centre with the same layout (only one layout instance per map)
  • Build > 31 tiles away from other layout of Tourists centre

Description of Location/Positioning Conditions

Ecs touristindusrties palenque-place2.png Ecs touristindusrties palenque-place.png


Different graphics for at least once serviced and never serviced industry