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Each of ECS Vectors' Industries has conditions that determine where it can be built on the map.

This page describes all the possible conditions.

The conditions that apply to a particular industry are included in that industry's page.

code Condition Error text
00 Build within any town zone Dt < Rz0 should be built in towns
01 Build <=N tiles away from water should be built near water
02 Build in town with >=N population should be built in towns with more inhabitants
03 Build within N tiles of town zone 1 radius Dt < (Rz1 + N tiles) should be built closer to town center
04 Build below snow line can't be built in snow areas
05 Build >=N tiles from desert tile can't be built in desert
06 Build outside town zone 1 Dt > Rz1 should be built in town suburbs
07 Build on flat land requires flat land
08 Build on terraformed land (certain tiles must be sloped) requires sloped land
09 Build in forest where N tiles radius are all trees (tropic) (non-tropic ECSWVForest is excepted) should be built in forest areas
0A Build outside towns should be built far from towns
0B Build >=N tiles away from tropic forest can't be built in rain forest
0C Build >=N tiles from same industry (same ID) can't be built near the same industry
0D Build >=N tiles from water can't be built close to water
0E Build >=N tiles from a specific industry (specified ID) can't be built near a conflicting industry
0F Build <=N tiles from a specific industry (specified ID) should be built closer to the related supplying industry
10 Build >=N tiles from a specific industry (specified ID) with the same layout (N=FF FF FF FFh forces only one industry of that type on the map) can't be built near the same industry of the same layout
11 Build >=N tiles away are desert tiles) should be built in desert
12 Build at >=H heigh should be built in mountains
8401 Build >=1 tile from coast Can't construct this industry type here

Town Zones: The value is between 0 and 4, where 0 is the outermost zone of the town.

Smaller towns have fewer zones.

Roads are plain in zone 0 and 1, paved in zone 2, have trees in zone 3 and street lights in zone 4

Town Zones: Tz4 (street lights), Tz3 (trees on roads), Tz2 (paved roads), Tz1 (suburb), Tz0 (rural)

Radius (from town centre): Rz4, Rz3, Rz2, Rz1, Rz0

Distance of industry from town centre: Dt