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  • What is the right order of the files?

Town vector should be the first one, other vectors can go in any order. Vehicles and town sets should be located below the last of ECS vectors.

  • Can I use the "Construction vector" AND "Construction vector by Pikkabird" at the same time? (same for Machinery and Basic vectors mods)

No because of 32 cargoes per game limit.

  • Should I use Machinery vector for tropic in tropic?

You can use Machinery vector in tropic and Machinery vector for tropic in other landscapes. They would work. Same for all the vectors. They would work even in toyland.


  • Why do I have two different Banks in my Fund new industry window?

1 bank is from ECS Basic vector (or arctic/tropic mod) and one from TTRS3.

  • Why do industries close down or do not accept cargo before 1920?

They were coded for TTDPatch where it was impossible. This caused several limitations in code. Currently it is impossible to play before 1920 and after 2175. At least industry code does not expect this situation and may behave incorrect.

Cargo accepting

  • Where should I transport food in temperate?

Houses in some city sets (such as North American Cities or TTRS3 or Swedish Houses) accept food. Tourist centres also accept food.

  • Power plant wont take oil!

Power plants accepts oil after 1950-th as soon as one of coal image is replaced with a tank image


  • Why do industries do not accept cargo after map generation?

They need a few days after the world got generated before they start accepting anything. About 3.5 game days (that is 256 ticks). It happens because accepting cargo is coded using production callback and this time is a delay before the first production callback happens.

  • Why do industries produce more/less cargo than represented in the table?

There 2 factors that affect it. First factor is delay between production events. Because it is 256 ticks, production event may happen 8 or 9 times a month. Some values in the tables are calculated for 8 runs (You'll get higher values), some for 9 runs (You'll get smaller values). second factor is distribution. Every industry has a property, that specifies, how much cargo can be distributed at once. Usually they are 5, 10 and 15, but some industries may use other values too. When industry do not have enough cargo do distribute, it stores the cargo and distributes it on the next run. This forces smaller values on one run and higher on the other.

  • How to support breweries? They close down between fruit plantation / farm production periods.

You have to establish effective transportation system. You can do the following trick:

Split the line into 2 parts and put a transfer station in the middle. First (larger) group of vehicles gather fruit form plantations and transport them to transfer station with Unload. The second group slowly transports them to brewery. This transfer station negates the boom schema of plantation's production and provides stable delivery to the brewery (:rolleyes:)

  • A chemical plant or a refinery cannot be enabled to produce fertilizer rather than dyes resp. refinery products rather than petrol, even if two trains are waiting constantly for years.

a) Deliver some oil seeds to oil refinery or sulphur/potash to chemicals plant (if they are defined)

b) Transport 0% of cargo this month to get production of both cargoes starting next month. To do so, remove your station (at least the part covering the industry) and the rating would go to 0 next month (It works this way because industry counts amount of distributed cargo, not transported cargo).


  • Why do industries can store more cargo, than represented in the table?

The acceptance check happens periodically (usually every 256 ticks) that means stockpiles may store more cargo, than the value represented in the table. It is as much as amount of cargo that has arrived since overflow happens till the check happens. Because the delay is up to 3.5 game days, this overflow can be rather large.