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Enable the electrified track system.


Configuration file: electrifiedrailway

Command line: -XE


One of the most common track systems in the world is now available for TTD too. With this switch, the second track system (monorail) is replaced by electrified railways. Monorails and maglev merge together in the third track system (see also Unified Maglev).

This electrified rail system works the same way as the regular track, and the track itself looks the same. However, if you've loaded the new graphics, it will display a catenary system with pylons and overhead wires.

If turned on, electric engines such as the SH 40 can only run on electrified track, but steam and diesel engines can run on both regular and electrified track.

Because of the way electrified rail system is implemented, when this switch is off you should not load games that were saved when this switch was on or vice versa.

Note that if you should have a train composed of mixed engines (both diesel and electric engines), it's only the first engine that matters, it determines what track the whole train can run on. Realistically, electric engines would just not contribute any power when over regular track, but that is currently not built into the patch.

In TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 20 and later, the preceding paragraph does not apply. Mixed-engine trains can run on non-electrified track, regardless of the initial engine type, and electric engines do not contribute power while the engine is on non-electrified track. All engines contribute full running cost regardless of track type.

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.