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Unifies the monorail and maglev track systems.


Configuration file: unifiedmaglev

Command line: -XM

Quick Info

The unified maglev switch controls the second and third railtypes. It has three settings. They are:

Switch Setting Result
unifiedmaglev=1 Converts the maglev engines to monorail and moves to 3rd railtype
unifiedmaglev=2 Converts the monorail engines to maglev and moves to 3rd railtype
unifiedmaglev=3 Keeps separate monorail and maglev*

* A setting of 3 is changed to 1 internally if ElectrifiedRailways is on.

Detailed Info

This switch combines TTD's monorail and maglev track systems into a unified maglev system. The rationale behind it is that Transport Tycoon's monorail seems to be modelled after the German "Transrapid", which is actually a maglev (magnetic levitation) system as well.

This switch works differently, whether the electrifiedrailway switch (see Electrified Railways) is on or off. For electrifiedrailway off, it can take the following parameters:

  • unifiedmaglev 1: Convert all maglev engines to monorail
  • unifiedmaglev 2: Convert all monorail engines to maglev
  • unifiedmaglev 3 (default): No conversion, keep two seperate systems

The conversion of the engines only applies to new games, or if you use Cht: ResetVehicles.

In all of the three cases, you can buy monorail engines in maglev depots and vice versa. Wagons are not affected.

In the first case however, the maglev construction option will not appear, because there are no maglev engines (but if it appeared before, it'll stay). In the second case, the monorail construction option will not appear.

If electrifiedrailway is set to `on', all monorail engines are converted to maglev (like option 2 above) and monorail wagons are made unavailable. In this case, the parameter selects how the maglev system will look like:

  • unifiedmaglev 1 (default): Use TTD's monorail graphics to display the maglev system
  • unifiedmaglev 2: Use TTD's maglev graphics to display the maglev system

With electrifiedrailway on, if you set unifiedmaglev to `3' or `off', TTDPatch will change it to 1 internally.

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.