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Enhance the graphical user interface inside TTD.


Configuration file: enhancegui

Command line: -YG


This switch makes some changes to the graphical user interface in TTD. For example, it modifies the station construction menu if largerstations is active and shows buttons for all 7 lengths and all 7 numbers of platforms. It also makes the depot window slightly larger, to accomodate 14 wagons instead of just 10.

It is a bit switch. To find out how that works, see Bit Switches, or simply add up the values of the options you want:

Bit Value Meaning
0 1 (reserved, do not use)
1 2 Make depot window even larger (18 wagons)
2 4 Dragging a railway vehicle outside the depot window sells the vehicle (i.e. acts as dragging to the trashcan)
3 8 Show horizontal trashcan bar instead of the standard vertical one

The improved station construction menu and 14-wagon depot window are always activated, other bits are off by default.

This patch was contributed by Oskar Eisemuth.

For the description of this feature in the latest alpha versions, please see EnhancedGraphicalUserInterface/2.5.