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Only submit questions that you know are of interest to many other people. This page is not about getting your own questions answered, but rather about you answering questions you've seen many people ask.

The new question should be worded appropriately, and should ask only one detail. If you need to ask two things, it should be as two questions with two answers.

The answer itself should be brief, with a simple explanation. ;e.g. A question relating to ElectrifiedRailways should simply describe the matter at hand, and not go into the depths of how the various rail system types are related, and how the replacement mechanism works. That's why we have a Manual.

In summary, each answer should only include necessary details, and then links to relevant manual pages, which can be done using [[TwoRoundBrackets]].

After you have suggested it, and if it's an appropriate question, an editor will add it to the FAQ.

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