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Simulate very long freight trains by multiplying freight train cargo and weight

2.0.1 alpha 19 or later


Configuration file: freighttrains on|off|<factor>

Command line: -Yf

Quick Description

This switch multiplies the weight of a train carrying any cargo other than passengers or mail by a given amount (default 5). The purpose of this switch is to make the mammoth trains switch more realistic.

Detailed Description

Since TTD does not really allow very long trains mammoth trains notwithstanding), the acceleration and handling of freight trains in TTD tends to not be very realistic. With this switch, this can be improved somewhat.

At the moment (though this may change in the future in ways yet to figure out), this switch causes the amount of cargo carried by freight trains to be multiplied by the given factor, or 5 by default. A freight train here is any train carrying cargo other than passengers and mail. (With newcargos, the freight status of each cargo not set by the GRF coder.)

As a result, the total weight of freight trains is more realistic than previously, and their acceleration should be more realistic as well. However, note that this doesn't affect the "real" amount of cargo transported by the trains, only how much it is simulated that they are transporting. Therefore the amount of income they generate will not increase, but rather slightly decreases because the trains are now heavier and therefore slower.