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Many small improvements.


Configuration file: generalfixes

Command line: -g


This setting is a combination of many small patches. They are combined because there is only a limited supply of command line letters, so that things that are unlikely to be turned off by anyone are all included in this option.

Here's what this option fixes in the current version of TTDPatch:

Fixes contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk:

  • Oilfield acceptance bug. In TTD, all oilfields should accept passengers and mail, however some don't, and this is fixed now.
  • Oilfield stations will be removed when the oil rig closes down, unless the station has other facilities.
  • Vehicle listing with more than 129 vehicles. It used to be impossible to select any vehicles with higher numbers, instead TTD was opening the vehicle window for the first vehicle. (Note, the same bug still exists in the depot train list, but who has more than 129 trains in a single depot?)
  • Airplane crashes no longer make one of the terminals unusable.
  • The "Play Scenario" option used to crash TTD if the loaded scenario contained running road vehicles. This is fixed now. (Such scenarios are now easy to create by importing saved games into the scenario editor; see Load Entry in the Disk Menu.)
Note that although you may be able to change the side of road for vehicles to drive on while they're already running, it is not a good idea since this may confuse TTD's road vehicle movement code, and some vehicles may get stuck at stations. Make this choice in the main menu, before playing the scenario.
  • Food and fizzy drinks subsidies work now (previously they did not go to a town, but to an industry such as a coal mine, which didn't work)
  • Active subsidies to stations that have been temporarily removed (the grey sign still exists) are now shown with "N/A" as the owner, instead of showing "Cannot remove obstacles on land" or crashing TTD
  • Active subsidies are deleted if their corresponding station is deleted permanently (the grey sign disappears)
  • If the maintenance time comes when an airplane is taking off, it will head for the hangar at the destination airport. Previously, it would take off and then land back on the same airport.
  • Bridges and tunnels owned by nobody can be removed. This particular fix is also applied when the extradynamite switch (see Extra Dynamite) is turned on.
  • Fixed incorrect internal number of city buildings if building under construction was removed. This particular fix is also applied if any of towngrowthlimit, towngrowthratemode, or largertowns switches (see New Town Growth Switches) is enabled.
  • Towns can now build on coasts or riverbanks, as they do when a new random game is started. This particular fix is also applied if any of towngrowthlimit, towngrowthratemode, or largertowns switches is enabled. (*)
  • Wooden bridges are always available (otherwise the game might lock up when a town would try to build a bridge in years before 1930)
  • Make sure there are always houses that can be built (otherwise the game might lock up in years before 1930)
  • Custom vehicle type names are now properly removed (and reloaded from vehicle.dat, if that file is present) when a scenario is started
  • Amounts in litres are displayed correctly (1000 litres per tonne, not 100) (*)
  • In the Windows version of TTD too many things (e.g. parts of tunnels and industries) could be destroyed when a large UFO was blown up; this is fixed now
  • In the Windows version of TTD the period key "." worked as backspace, and the backspace key would sometimes trigger a `replay' of the key buffer; this is fixed now. This particular fix is also applied if the enhanced keyboard handler (see Enhanced Keyboard Mapping) is active.
  • Population and the internal number of buildings in a city could be wrong when a new town is created in the scenario editor; this is now fixed. This fix is also applied if the extended town data are collected; see More Town Statistics for the list of switches that enable extended town data.
  • The list of available local authority actions no longer becomes empty if the player's cash is close to the maximum possible value
  • TTD will no longer create temperate-climate banks in the sub-tropical climate. This will apply to new games only. (*)
  • Shops and offices in the snow areas are no longer shown as a church sometimes (*)
  • TTD will now show a more detailed error message when placing a bridge fails (without this patch, it would show detailed message only after tubular bridges were introduced)
  • The maximum amount towns are allowed to spend for raising/lowering land is now affected by inflation, so that towns will not become eventually unable to modify the land (*)
  • Ships no longer get stuck if a bridge is built over them parallel to the line of their movement
  • Using the query tool no longer can cause loss of synchronization in the multiplayer mode
  • It's no longer possible to place `ghost' buoys in the north corner of the map

Fixes contributed by Norman Rasmussen:

  • Screenshot hotkeys (Ctrl-S and Ctrl-G) work now in the Windows version and the screenshots have a correct colour palette. In addition, you no longer get hundreds of screenshots if you hold the key combination for a bit too long. This particular fix is also applied when the win2k switch is turned on.

Fixes contributed by Csaba Varga:

  • Zeppelins will not crash on heliports. If bit 8 of the miscmods switch is set, they will not crash on large airports either.
  • Sound no longer pans always to the left in the Windows version of TTD
  • TTD will no longer mix commas (`,') and periods (`.') as thousand separators in initial loan size in the Difficulty Settings window with some currencies. This fix is also applied when the morecurrencies switch (see More Currencies and Euro) is enabled.

Fixes done by Josef Drexler himself:

  • It's now possible to make a giant screenshot at another zoom level than the default
  • TTD will no longer crash when creating a bubble (from a bubble generator in the toyland climate) if the reserved part of the vehicle array is full
  • Last maintenance dates (and other absolute date values) are properly updated when the current date is set one year back at the end of 2070 (note that this behaviour of TTD may be changed, see Eternal Game)
  • The monorail and maglev tunnel icons are now correct, previously TTD had them switched
  • The company value will no longer become negative when the player has too much cash. Also, the individual income statistics will still be correct in that case.
  • The game now remembers the previous selection of railroad track system and uses it as default (*)
  • The company graph windows are now rescaled when a company is deselected in the legend key (*)

(*) These specific fixes can be disabled with the miscmods switch, see Miscellaneous Modifications.

In the future, more fixes may join this category, but that's all for now (in case it's not enough for you).