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Can you port TTD to [something other than DOS or Windows]

No. We don't have the source code for a direct port. That said, people have tried playing TTD on Linux, with mixed results.

OpenTTD, however, currently features versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and an assortment of other operating systems and portable devices.

Why doesn't the Patch do [something]?

Maybe it does. Read the Manual. If you're sure it doesn't, look at ImpossibleChanges and ImpossibleFeatures to make sure that what you're asking isn't in there. If it's not in the manual, and it's not marked as impossible, feel free to make a feature request.

Uhm, we don't really have an official mechanism for this, but your best best is TTDPatch Suggestions at TT Forums.

Are you still working on TTDPatch? When is the next version going to come out?

Yes, we are still working on TTDPatch, but we have other commitments, and TTDPatch is only a hobby. Therefore it might take a relatively long time for the next release version to come out. But, eventually it will, so don't lose hope. Don't hold your breath either. If you would like to be notified of new versions by email, please sign up for the TTDPatch Announcements mailing list (or any other TTDPatch mailing list).

Please don't ask when the next version (or any particular feature) will be done. The answer is always going to be: Whenever it's done. We have a busy life, and TTDPatch is only a hobby. We work on it when we can, not on a fixed schedule, so no-one can say when anything will be done. On average, it takes between 6 months and a year for the next release version to come out, but don't count on it. Alpha versions (on the source code page) come out more often, but they are usually somewhat buggy and under construction.

Why does TTD stop for a few seconds when changing songs?

This happens only in the Windows version of TTD, and only under Windows 2000 or XP. The problem is that TTD uses an obsolete interface to the Windows MIDI functions, which don't work very well on these operating systems. The solution is to use the dxmci.dll DirectMusic wrapper DLL. For more information please see the manual for the win2k switch.