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Activate or deactivate new graphics sets.


Cht: Graphics [<ID> [0/1]]


Note: From TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 39 on, this cheat is deprecated, and instead simply opens the GRF Status Window.

With this cheat, you can selectively activate or deactivate specific new .grf files.

If entered without any parameters, all graphics will be activated if they can.

If you say "Cht: Graphics <ID> [0/1]", you can activate or deactivate a specific graphics file, identified by the GRFID. If you leave off the 0 or 1, it will be activated by default. To find out the right graphics IDs for a certain .grf file, you can use Shadow's Graphics Manager, available from [1]. Note that for these activations/deactivations to be permanent, "saveoptionaldata" must be on.

Note also that you can't for example activate the tempset if the dbset is already active, because these two sets are mutually exclusive. You have to turn off the first one, then turn on the second one if you want to switch.

Here's a list of some GRFIDs:

  • arcticset: 6D620104
  • dbset: 6D620400
  • newships: 6D620004
  • tempset: 6D620204
  • cargoset: 6D620305

Finally, this switch forces the vehicle list to be reset, so that new vehicles are available and have the correct stats. In effect, this is the same as Cht: ResetVehicles. See the description of that cheat for more details.