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Makes it possible to build train stations with a maximum size of 7x7


Configuration file: largestations

Command line: -l

Quick Info

This switch allows you to add onto existing stations by building a station of matching length or width (so that a perfect rectangle is maintained) onto the edge of another station. This is much easier to do with Enhanced Graphical User Interface on, because it is much easier to select lengths or widths longer than the TTD standards.

This is useful for expanding stations without having to destroy them, or for allowing multiple types of trains to share a station, for example maglev and railroad trains can use the same station.

Detailed Info

When you use this, you don't have to bulldoze stations anymore to add extra tracks. Just select the same platform length, move your cursor with the new platforms next to the old station, and place them. That way you can even get up to 7 platforms.

The length can also be increased, to up to 7 squares length, using the same process, but choose the same number of platforms and the additional length, to get platforms up to 7 squares long.

Note that you should also turn on the Enhanced Graphical User Interface feature to be able to directly select longer and more platforms. Without the enhanced GUI, you can have a full size station of 7x7 squares by holding down the Ctrl key when clicking on the number of platforms or their length. Note that it looks like the wrong button has been pressed, but that's because larger numbers can't be displayed without the enhanced GUI. Simply look at the station's footprint before you place it to make sure that it is the desired size.

Because the added parts will look as if they were placed alone, the station design is now up to you. You can have a two-platform station that looks like two one-platform stations, or alternate roofed and non-roofed sections, if you like that. Just alternate between adding 1 and 2 platforms to the station to get this.

And most importantly, this allows you to have different kinds of trains in one station. Just add a platform of a different type to have railroad, monorail and maglev platforms in a single station.

Note that if either the platform length is different, or the total number of tracks would be greater than 7, or the position doesn't match then you will see the old message "Too close to train station", not a more appropriate message.

Note also that with the IrregularStations switch on, you can make strangely shaped stations, so the error message will not pop up unless the station becomes to large.