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Show vehicle profit colour coded to indicate vehicle performance rating.

2.0.1 alpha 1 or later


Configuration file: showprofitinlist on|off

Command line: -XL


TTD uses last year's profits of the least profitable vehicle that is at least two years old to determine part of the performance score. If the profit of the least profitable vehicle is the equivalent of £20,000 or more, you get the full score. If it is zero or less, you get no score for it, and in between you get the appropriate partial score.

With this feature, you can quickly see if you have any vehicles that cause you to not have a perfect score. Their profit will show up in red if negative, or in yellow if below £10,000. Vehicles with £10,000 of profit in the last year will be green. Vehicles that are less than two years old will not be rated, and will be in black. This means that if any of your vehicles in the four categories is yellow or red, your score will suffer.

If NewPerformanceCalculation is turned on, the amounts required and colours will be different, as determined by the new performance calculation. The performance score of individual vehicles will be displayed in the vehicle list windows in addition to colouring, to make spotting inefficient vehicles easier.


This feature was contributed by Csaba Varga.