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Reset cargo, acceptance and ratings of all stations.

2.0.1 alpha 10 or later


Cht: ResetStation [<all>]

Cht: ResetThisStation [<cargotype>]


These sign cheats allow you to reset either all stations or just one station to a state as if they had just been built. This can be useful if some industries close down and the cargo rating drops to zero, in which case this type of cargo will be removed from the list, along with all others. It is also useful in conjunction with the "selectgoods" patch, because it also resets which goods will appear at a station, in case you want to rearrange the goods across different stations.

If you just name the sign Cht: ResetStation, then only your stations will be affected. However, if you add a "1", as in Cht: ResetStation 1, then it will affect all stations, even those owned by computer players.

For Cht: ResetThisStation, only the station which this sign is build at will be reset, not all stations. You can additionally specifiy that only a certain cargo type is to be reset by writing its number as a parameter to the sign cheat. See below for the cargo type numbers in the various climates.

Cargo Type Temperate Arctic Tropic Toyland
0 Passengers Passengers Passengers Passengers
1 Coal Coal Rubber Sugar
2 Mail Mail Mail Mail
3 Oil Oil Oil Toys
4 Livestock Livestock Fruit Battteries
5 Goods Goods Goods Candy/Sweets
6 Grain Wheat Maize Toffee
7 Wood Wood Wood Cola
8 Iron Ore n/a Copper Ore Cotton Candy/Candyfloss
9 Steel Paper Water Bubbles
10 Valuables Gold Diamonds Plastic
11 Paper (*) Food Food Fizzy Drinks

(*) Only with MoreIndustriesperClimate