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Cedega 5.2.3

TTD's installer works fine with Cedega, although I've not gotten the game itself to work without TTDPatch.

  1. Run cedega and create a game folder for TTD (Tools->Game Folders->Add)
  2. Install the game by clicking Install on the toolbar and select setup.exe as the executable to run.
  3. After the game is installed, copy the TTDPatch executables to your game's installation directory. (Default is ~/.cedega/<game folder>/c_drive/MPS/TTWin95 - Might be different if you installed to a different directory or if your game directory is in a different location)
  4. In the Cedega interface, right click the game folder and go to Add Shortcut. Use the settings below. After this step, the game should work (although I've not gotten sound to work yet).
Name: Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Path to program: ~/.cedega/<game folder>/c_drive/MPS/TTWin95/ttdpatchw.exe
Working directory: ~/.cedega/<game folder>/c_drive/MPS/TTWin95
Command line options: Any of the command line options you want to use with TTDPatch

If you also want TTConfig, you can create a shortcut for that as well, with these settings:

Path to program: ~/.cedega/<game folder>/c_drive/MPS/TTWin95/TTConfig.exe
Working directory: ~/.cedega/<game folder>/c_drive/MPS/TTWin95

WineX 3-3.1

I did the following to get it working:

  1. Install Winex (I used winex3-3.1)
  2. Copy your entire TTD install dir (from windows) to where you want it (on my system: Program Files/ttd on Transgaming drive)
  3. Copy registry information from this page. Add this to ~/.winex/system.reg AND ~/.winex/user.reg. Check your install dir here.
  4. Copy mciseq.drv and mciwave.drv from native windows dir to ~/.winex/windows/c_drive/windows/system32 and edit system.ini (in ../windows/) to remove the comment from that two items. Also edit ~/.winex/config) to change builtin to native on those two items. (it was: builtin, native; it is: native, builtin)
  5. Copy from you native windows dir to your TTD dir.
  6. Run winex3 TTDConfig.exe to set non-fullscreen display mode.
  7. Edit ttdpatch.cfg (or your patch file) to make sure: win2k on (and forcerebuildovl off if you don't have a
  8. Create a shell script, with the following lines (you only need the second line with TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 11 now):
    winex3 -winver winxp -- ttdpatchw.exe -C config.cfg
  9. Make script executable: chmod +x
  10. Run script.
  11. You should see opening screen of TTD now...

This method uses WineX binary packages, which are only available for a subscription fee. However, anonymous access to CVS is provided free of charge, though be warned that these are not guaranteed to work. See here for details.