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2.6 alpha 1768 or later


Configuration file: tsignals on/off

Command line: -ZQ

This switch requires PathBasedSignalling.


Allows PBS reservations the opposite way through selected one-way signals.

The signal GUI is used to set this property. ExperimentalFeatures:Alpha. The button to use is that to the right of the semaphore<-->light signal button.

In order to visually distinguish these signals, and for an icon to be present in the relevant signal GUI button, a signal GRF must be present which defines the required signal sprites. Such a GRF can be found: here.

A signal which is defined as a through signal is automatically set to a be PBS signal.

Two-way signals are unaffected by setting them as through signals.

Note that a train will never wait when heading the opposite way through a one-way through signal.

Hence they should be used where trains should pass through in one direction, and possibly wait in the other.

Typical Usage

Bi-directional station layouts.

The signals on either side of the station platforms can be set to one-way through signals, such that the normal direction of signals, is outward from the platform.

Hence trains will reserve a route past and through the station-entrance signal on their way-in, such that two trains cannot reserve a route into the same platform and deadlocks can be prevented.

A sample image is shown below.


This feature was contributed by Jonathan G. Rennison (JGR).