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TTDPatch was originally created by Josef Drexler ("patchman") by the end of May 1999. Norman Rasmussen made TTD run on Windows 2000 and XP systems, and also made the DxMciDll for better music support on those operating systems.

When the Patch was made open source under the GPL license (February 2001), Marcin Grzegorczyk joined in. Later on, Oskar Eisemuth, Csaba Varga and several others also contributed patches.

SHADOW-XIII and Andrés Zsögön have written tools for creating managing TTDPatch configuration files, as well as other files related to TTDPatch and TTD.


The following people have worked on translating TTDPatch:

  • Mirek Duda
  • Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt
  • Rune Baszkiewicz
  • Remon Pel
  • Jan Willem van Dormolen
  • Vesku
  • Rémi Danis Courmont
  • Edo
  • György "Saiyan" Müller
  • Jack VanderCloud
  • Lorenzo F.
  • Hilanmo Terje
  • Tor Inge Johannessen
  • Marek Majkowski
  • Marcin Grzegorczyk
  • Yuri Burawtsow
  • John Bernal