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Code Contributions

(In order of appearance.)

Josef Drexler
Josef is the main author of TTDPatch. He started the project in 1996 and made it public in May 1999. He's working on it whenever he has spare time, and wrote a large chunk of the code. If a feature is not credited to someone else, it was written by Josef. He also maintains this manual, and the website.
Marcin Grzegorczyk
Marcin joined Josef in the development of TTDPatch in 2000 and is the other major contributor to the patch. He fixed a lot of the bugs in Josef's code, and developed the following features: rvqueueing, Plane crash control, most of the "generalfixes", city bridge removal, signalwaittimes, disaster selection, forceautorenew, morenews, unifiedmaglev, newbridgespeeds, signalsontrafficside, electrifiedrailway, errorpopuptime, all new town growth switches, most of the miscmods, saveextradata, Enhanced keyboard handler, euro, buildonslopes, buildoncoasts
Norman Rasmussen
Norman wrote the Windows 2000/XP compatibility code, and dxmci.dll to make TTD use DirectMusic for playing the music.
Oskar Eisemuth
Oskar joined the team in March 2003, and has been busily adding new features to the patch. He wrote morebuildoptions, morehotkeys, enhancegui, several gui related functions, like signalgui, the base for grfstatus and the new station window, busstops (in newstations), irregularstations, higherbridges, enhancetunnels, onewayroads, autoslope and canals.
Csaba Varga
Csaba joined in April 2003, and has also contributed a number of new features since then. He wrote plantmanytrees, morecurrencies, manualconvert, newagerating, fastwagonsell, newrvcrash, stableindustry. In recent times, he wrote core features like newhouses, newindustries and newcargoes, as well as graphically attractive features like variable snowline or animated stations.
Steven Hoefel
Steven joined in August 2005, and added features like trams, followvehicle and the windows dll for newsounds.
Nathaniel Lake
Nathaniel joined in October 2005, and has been adding small features to TTDPatch since then as well as continuing to code grf files. He wrote features and fixes such as shortened vehicles loading, 32px window support, two company colours graphical user interface, callback 36, diagonal flooding, coast sprites (revised by Oskar), clonetrain and finally convertengine.
Dale McCoy
Dale joined in late July 2006, and has been mostly whittling away on the easy parts of the todo, making improvements to elrails, more hotkeys, sign cheats, config file reading/writing, and fifo loading. In addition, he has continued to update nforenum and grfcodec as necessary.
Jonathan G. Rennison
Jonathan joined in September 2006, and since then has added features such as: restricted and programmable signalling, advanced orders (extended by Dale McCoy), cargo destinations, larger stations, non-perpendicular enhanced tunnels and bridges, newsignals, inverted/through signals, adjacent stations, road vehicle overtaking parameters and aqueducts. He has also made a number of improvements to autoslope, PBS and various parts of the UI, and contributed various other miscellaneous fixes and changes.

Graphics and other Tools

Michael Blunck
Michael designed and drew the new graphics distributed with the patch.
Jakub "SHADOW-XIII" Górecki
SHADOW-XIII wrote the TTDPatch Starter, a program to choose your switches and write the TTDPatch configuration file and run either TTD or TTDPatch. He also wrote the Graphic Manager, which simplies working with the new graphics.
Andrés Zsögön
Andrés wrote the TTDPatch Configurator, also a program that allows you to choose the TTDPatch switches and write a configuration file, as well as run TTD and TTDPatch. In addition, he wrote the GRF Wizard which simplifies working with GRFCodec.


The following people have translated TTDPatch:

Language Translator
Czech Mirek Duda
Danish Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt (up to 1.6), Rune Baszkiewicz (from 2.0)
Dutch Remon Pel (up to 1.6), Jan Willem van Dormolen (from 1.7)
English Josef Drexler
Finnish Vesku (up to 1.6)
French Rémi Denis Courmont (up to 1.6), Edo (from 1.8.1)
German Josef Drexler
Hungarian György "Saiyan" Müller
Italian Jack VanderCloud (up to 1.6), Lorenzo F. (from 1.8.1)
Norwegian Hilanmo Terje (up to 1.6), Tor Inge Johannessen (from 1.9)
Polish Marek Majkowski, SHADOW-XIII and Marcin Grzegorczyk
Russian Yuri Burawtsow (up to 2.0) ttdrussia forums team (from 2.5)
Spanish John Bernal