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The most reliable ways of running TTD on Linux are

  • The Windows version of TTD+TTDPatch using Wine
  • The DOS or Windows versions of TTD (with or without the patch) on VMWare Workstation 5.0

Note that the easiest way, by far, of getting TTD to work on Linux (or OS X) is to use OpenTTD instead. But if you want to get TTDPatch or plain TTD working, this page may be useful to you.

If you have a method, or suggestion for a method, create it on a new page here on the wiki, and put a link to it down below in the relevant section (e.g. a method using WineX goes under WineX).

NOTE: A method is classified as "Has Worked" if you know it works. It counts as "Working" once lots of other people have got it working.


Working, requires 2.0.1 alpha 16 or later

Wine versions up to 20041201 or after 20050531 (latest CVS snapshot) work. 0.9.2 may cause some issues with sound.

For details on getting it working, see TTDWineDave

Update (July 2011): Note that Wine has improved hugely in the 6 years since this was written. You should have no real trouble running TTDPatch on Wine these days, and Wine is conveniently included in most distributions too. There should be no reason to try grappling with old versions of WineX/Cedega (which are no longer maintained or supported).


Has worked, but needs testing with recent alphas.

Methods under consideration:

Phil has some screenshots of successfully running TTDPatch Alpha 25 under WineX: TTDWinexPhil


Working, in VMWare Workstation 5.0

Both the DOS and Windows versions work well. For the Windows version, disable the VMWare Tools and install a native mouse driver so that TTD can move the mouse cursor about. Otherwise right-click scrolling will be extremely sensitive.


Has Worked, with dosemu 1.2.1; tested with TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 51.

The patch is not needed, the game works fine without it too

If you do use the patch,

  • Make sure to give dosemu lots of memory if you want to use the a fair number of new graphics sets (the default 16 MB is not enough).
  • Deactivate the CPU saver feature: either set `miscmods.notimegiveaway on' or run the game with `ttdpatch --miscmods.notimegiveaway on'


Has Worked, using the dos version of ttd+patch




This is a port of TTDPatch and the latest information suggests that it is not up-to-date (based on one of the pre-2.0 betas)

(Any word from the PatchTeam on whether this will be maintained along with DOS and Windows if it proves successful? - C.)


LoadTycoon is native loader for TTDX, originally done by Daniel Mantione, then shortly maintained by Petr "pasky" Baudis. It requires SDL and a native framebuffer and it does not support sounds, music and multiplayer.

Note from the author

I've been maintaining LoadTycoon for some time but I never really got to porting TTDPatch there. The 0.4 version works with plain TTDX, it also contains some support code for TTDPatch, but it is for a _VERY_ old version and has some bugs. Regarding porting it to new TTDPatch, you could get some insights from the tp1 version and ttdpatch-linttdx, but then I ran out of time and now I will probably work on enhancing OpenTTD instead. So if you want to maintain this and finish the port (you should know assembler enough to understand and mangle TTDPatch sources as well as some lowlevel Linux programming experience), just tell me at -- pasky