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TTDPatch is a program that modifies the way Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD) works. It offers many, many improvements in gameplay and offers a different way of experiencing TTD. Among the more popular options are:

  • New Signals: Frustrated that building an efficient station is so hard? Pre-signals offer a new way to guide your trains and allow very small, yet efficient stations. Also, a different way to handle the "non-stop" flag makes it easier and more efficient to give a train way points along its route, in the form of dummy 1x1 stations. These improvements allow the creation of large, interconnected rail networks that are very efficient.
  • New Graphics: If you've always wanted a larger variety of vehicles, TTDPatch is for you. It enables new vehicles with new and exciting graphics, and supports making even more vehicles with a new add-on mechanism.
  • In-game Cheats: Just by placing a sign, you can change the year, your cash, renew all your carriages for better station ratings and so much more. Get this, you can even automatically convert all your tracks to monorail and maglev, so that you don't have to waste time converting them yourself!

None of the above is compulsory, everything can be customized. You only play with the options that you like, and leave the rest turned off. Every one has different preferences, and this program tries to accomodate that as much as possible.

Just keep on reading, and you'll find out that you really want to try this program. And the best: it's totally free! And that's because I'm just a TTD nut who can't get enough, and I've been so annoyed with the program at times that I just decided to fix it myself. I think I've been successful, but see for yourself.