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This page is about the first Dutch Trainset. If you're playing OpenTTD and are looking for downloads, we recommend you to try the successor to this, Dutch Trainset 2.
Dutch trains, stations and signals

The Dutch Trainset contains both old and new trains used in The Netherlands. On 01-03-2009 the first Dutch Trainset was released. On 20-07-2011 FooBar released an extension for the OpenTTD version of the train set, adding refit options for cargoes from industry sets.


The .GRF-file can be downloaded for manual installation via the DevZone. OpenTTD users can still obtain version 1 of the trainset via the ingame Online Content.


We spent some time choosing locomotives, EMU's, DMU's and wagons to include in the Dutch Trainset. At first we listed them in a handy Excel spreadsheet which we named the Dutch Trainset Infosheet.xls and when the original website was launched in early 2005 we decided to add the same overview on the website. It additionally provides all kind of useful information like images, technical data and (when available) a preview image of the vehicle in TTD.

Click one one of the station signs below to visit a gallery with detailed information.



Screenshots are available on a separate page.


The following people contributed to the original Dutch Trainset:

Bastiaan Graphics, data supply
broodje Data supply
Hyronymus project co-ordinator, data supply, Webmaster
Purno Graphics, data supply, Main Coder
Snail Graphics (Steamers)
Wile E. Coyote Graphics (Wagons)
Lobster Tester
XeryusTC Tester (Multiplayer)
BlueEagle_nl Bugfixing Coder, Data Supply, Webdeveloper