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Dutch Trainset 2 is a fully reworked version of the original Dutch Trainset for OpenTTD. A lot of trains were added and the graphics of many existing trains were improved and expanded with different liveries. Furthermore we built in native support for new cargoes provided by industry sets and fixed a number of bugs that were present in the first version of the trainset. We went way back to the dawn of Dutch railroads in 1839 and brought back Arend. We went ahead in time and give you the V250 Albatross. And most of everything in between, including the metros of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

If you're looking for some details on how to play with the set or want to know what vehicles are available, please find separate pages about that in the menu at the right.


Dutch Trainset 2 is available from the OpenTTD Online Content. If for some reason you want a manual download or older release, you can get that from the DevZone.

The DevZone also provides nightly builds, in case you want to test out the latest and cannot wait for the next release.

Finally, the source code (licensed GPLv2+) is available from the DevZone as well.

All trains and wagons in 2.0.0-alpha1

Reporting bugs

If you have any issue with this trainset, please report it to the issue tracker or the forum topic.

Always included a detailed description of the bug, preferrably with screenshot and savegame. Also state the exact game version you're using, as well as the version of this NewGRF.

If you have a savegame that includes NewGRFs not available on OpenTTD's Online Content, then please try to reproduce the bug in a new game which has all NewGRFs easily accessible.

If you're using a patched version of the game, please try to reproduce the bug on an official game build. If you can't reproduce the bug, then don't report it here but in the forum topic of the patch(pack) instead.

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