Dutch Tram Set 2

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The Dutch Tram Set 2 is a NewGRF that adds Dutch trams to OpenTTD. It is the successor of the first Dutch Tram Set and contains mostly the same vehicles. New is the parameter option to get the vehicles in 2CC, which is great for multiplayer purposes.


Get it from the OpenTTD ingame Content Download. Downloads for manual installation are available from the DevZone.

You need at least OpenTTD 1.2.0 or nightly r23166.

Reporting bugs

If you have any issue with this set, please report it to the issue tracker or the forum topic.

Always included a detailed description of the bug, preferrably with screenshot and savegame. Also state the exact game version you're using, as well as the version of this NewGRF.

If you have a savegame that includes NewGRFs not available on OpenTTD's Online Content, then please try to reproduce the bug in a new game which has all NewGRFs easily accessible.

If you're using a patched version of the game, please try to reproduce the bug on an official game build. If you can't reproduce the bug, then don't report it here but in the forum topic of the patch(pack) instead.

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