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General characteristics

The GRFID is 4D656F97. The vector provides a couple of cargoes and industries, designed to supply towns with food (also one industry to supply towns with goods). Raw material industries supply the processing industries with material for producing food. Materials from other vectors are used as production boosting elements. Glass and dyes are used as a must material. If cargoes from other vectors are not defined, requirements are ignored.


Number Meaning
General behaviour change (Description)



Cargoes list

Default cargoes

  • Livestock (ID 04) has the weight multiplied by four about default and defined equal to 750 Kg per item.
  • Food (ID 0B)
  • Fruit (ID 0D)

New cargoes

  • Cereals (ID 06) unites grain, wheat and maize
  • Fish (ID 0E)
  • Wool (ID 0F) has a weight of 250 Kg per bale.
  • Fertilizer (ID 15)
  • Oil seeds (ID 16)
  • Fibre crops (ID 1D)

Cargoes payment

Payment for delivering 10 units (or 10 000 litres) of cargo a distance of 20 squares


Cargo chains

Ecs Agriculturalvector 1 2 0.png

Note: Cargo chains schema is valid for both 1.1.2 and 1.2.0 versions.