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Modify some aspects of the generalfixes and other switches

2.5 beta 1 or later


Configuration file: miscmods <setting>

Command line: -Yo


For a description of this feature in the 2.6 alpha series, please see MiscellaneousModifications:Alpha.

This switch controls various minor changes to how the patch works.

It is a bit switch, with the following bits:

Bit Text name Meaning
0 nobuildonbanks Towns don't build on coasts/riverbanks
1 servintonlyhuman servint setting does not apply to AI
2 noroadtakeover prevents cities from taking over roads when importing a savegame into the editor
3 gradualloadbywagon Gradual loading goes wagon by wagon instead of the whole train
4 dontfixlitres Don't change litres display such that a ton is equivalent to 1000 litres, instead of 100
5 dontfixtropicbanks Don't prevent temperate-climate banks in other climates
6 dontfixhousesprites Don't try to fix the bug with shops and offices displayed as churches
7 oldtownterrmodlimit Don't make raising/lowering terrain for town expansion be affected by inflation
8 nozeppelinonlargeap Prevent zeppelins from crashing on large airports
9 nodefaultoldtracktype Don't remember the railroad track system you've used previously
10 usevehnnumbernotname Vehicle messages (getting old, lost, etc.) use vehicle number instead of name
11 norescalecompanygraph Don't rescale company graph windows when a company is deselected
12 noyearlyfinances Don't show company finances window on Jan 1st
13 notimegiveaway Do not release CPU time slices when idle
14 nodesynchwarning Do not warn when multiplayer games get desynched
15 noworldedgeflooding Water at the edge of the map will not flood with generalfixes on
16 doshowintro Don't skip the game intro
17 nonewspritesorter Don't use new sprite sorting algorithm
18 nodiagonalflooding Turns off flooding of tiles diagonally
19 noenhancedcomp Don't enhance savegame compression algorithm
20 breakdownatsignal Don't fix trains breaking down while waiting on red signals
21 smallspritelimit Don't increase the sprite limit
22 displaytownsize Display town size in the name
23 noextendstationrange Don't increase the maximum allowed distance between station sign and industry for cargo to be delivered
24 nooldvehiclenews Don't generate news messages when vehicles get old
25 dontfixpaymentgraph Don't fix the X axis of the cargo payment rate window
27 dontshowaltitude Don't show altitude in tile info window
28 nogrfidsinscreenshots Don't show active grfids in screenshots
29 dontchangesnow Don't change how sloped tiles determine whether they are above or below the snowline

Bit 3 modifies Gradual Loading, most of the other bits modify General Fixes.

Bit 28: Normally the active grfids are encoded in pixels at the toolbar, you can find a tool called grfidextractor on bytetransfer under projects TTDPatch, if you don't want to store the active grfids there, you can disable it with this bit switch.

This switch was originally contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk; some features have been added by Josef Drexler, Csaba Varga, Oskar Eisemuth, Marijn Kruisselbrink, and Steven Hoefel.