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My name is Csaba Varga, and as you may already know, I'm a member of the PatchTeam working on TTDPatch. I'm a Hungarian guy learning at the University of Debrecen and spending most of my free time with my computer. (Yeah I'm a nerd I know Icon smile.gif)

I've joined the PatchTeam in April 2003 by writing PlantManyTrees (no one wanted to write it for me, so I had to do it myself... Icon wink.gif) Since then, I've written the following switches:

Aside from working on TTDPatch, I'm the coder of the Total Town Replacement set by Zimmlock.

I work on TTDPatch as a hobby, but as you can see, I've spent a lot of time and work improving it. If you think my features enhanced your gameplay seriously, please consider donating some money via MoneyBookers to the e-mail address csaboka(at)programozo(dot)hu.