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There are initial plans for a 2010 Transport Tycoon Forums meet in the USA, the first official meet outside of the UK. Currently, no location or date has been decided for sure, but Chicago is looking likely as a potential location. The meet will likely take place in August or September.

If you would like to contribute to the location or date debate, please see the thread on the forums (see External Links section).


I'm coming!

Post your name/nick here if you're coming.

I'm pretty sure I'm coming!

If you're not that sure whether or not you'll be able to make it, but you want to make the effort, post your name/nick here

  • SD89MAC
  • MidnightVoid
  • trainmaster611 (Nikko Pigman)
  • bwong (13 years of age...)



Comm Cody (if 13 year old twerps are allowed to come >_<)

Cannot attend

If you're not attending, but are going to be in tears on the day of the meet, post your name/nick here

  • Chrill (unless, of course, the meet is moved closer to the south-west of USA, which would make it financially feasible for me to show up)

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